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Established September 2015, Townsend Tech Tools is a independent technology startup company, based in the greater New York City area. Our goal is to provide consumers, companies, & organizations with uniquely enhanced problem solving tools in the form of Android native mobile and web applications, software, and solutions.


Our publicly dowloadable Android apps may be found at most major app stores.

The Best Bet Safety app is a one touch emergency notification system. With the app open, press one button to take a picture & send a default or custom email & text notification with your location (street address & GPS coordinates) to up to six contacts, swipe the offender's picture to send the creep and your message & location straight to your favorite social network (or any other applicable app on your device), start an alarm, turn your screen bright white to use as a light source, call the police or a friend, plus more!


Calculate your restaurant, bar, cab, delivery tip and total bill - the easy way. Whenever you need to calculate the tip or gratuity, Auto Tip is one click away. Just enter the bill amount & auto tip will calculate the gratuity, according to the percentage that you've set between 5-35 (The default percentage is 20%), and give you the amount you should tip, as well as the total amount of your bill including the tip. Equipped with text to speech, tap a button and the app will read your totals aloud.


Our rodent repeller app allows you to find and select the frequency that works best for your situation as well giving you the option to utilize our Variable Frequency Generator.

Recommended: Our Variable Frequency Generator uses various ultrasonic frequency tones, waveforms, phasing, and intensity @ varying intervals to repel rodents.


The Indie Outlook is a 24/7 Indie focused music, talk & relevant information outlet.


Past Legends Radio plays popular and obscure music from popular deceased artists.


In Development

  • NFC (Near Field Communication) physical/digital bundled products and solutions
  • 1st Line Of Defense
  • Digital Production Sound Report
  • The Swiss Knife Tool